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Who are TSS and what do we do ?

Total Site Services are a diamond drilling and cutting company based on the east coast, with 23 years of experience working within the industry we have the knowledge to carry out your project in a professional, safe and efficient manner.

We have worked for the leading construction companies over the years and bring the same level of professionalism to any project we undertake.

We service the whole of the eastern region and on a national basis should our clients require.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to health and safety and whether your project is small or large you will receive the same professional service, our operatives are all CSCS NVQ level 2 qualified in Drilling and sawing operations as a bare minimum.

we are constantly building our portfolio and have completed some impressive projects on time, within budget,to a high standard.

If you are seeking professional advice or would like our help to complete your project, please contact us with your requirements and we will provide you with a prompt, professional response.

Diamond Drilling

Our Diamond drilling services provide perfectly round holes in a range of materials including Reinforced Concrete, Brick, Block, Steel, Granite, Rock and more.

We can create clean, accurate holes with diameters from 8mm to 1000mm to any required depth with a single core, or larger by a method of stitch drilling where holes are linked to each other to increase the size of the opening. Diamond drilling creates a low noise output, produces minimal vibration and is dust free as water or mechanical removal suppresses the dust.

Wall/Floor Chasing

Chasing is a method of forming neat channels in masonry or concrete to precise depths and widths, using a double bladed handheld grinder cuts can be formed to 40mm deep, dust is collected by a vacuum attachment. The material between the cuts is then broken out with a small breaker to form the channel these channels are then ready to be used for various applications generally used to house conduits for cable or pipework.

Hand Held Sawing

Hand held sawing is a fast, lightweight , versatile method designed to form cuts in  reinforced concrete, and masonry in floors and walls, these cuts can be formed to a depth of 400mm with various types of saw.  Various power sources make this an application that can be used internally or externally.

Diamond Floor Sawing

Our diamond floor sawing service provides a clean precisely measured cut through reinforced concrete, asphalt and any other flooring material, cuts can be formed up to a depth of 525mm. Dust is suppressed  with water and the resulting slurry can be controlled or cleared as per requirements. With various power sources floor sawing can be provided internally or externally to meet your projects criteria.

Diamond Track Sawing

Track or wall sawing is a method of forming cuts or openings in reinforced concrete walls, Floors or ceilings. A track is bolted to the material to be cut with specialist anchors, a cutting head is then fitted to the track which carries a fully guarded diamond blade for the cutting process where cuts can be formed to 1000mm deep. The process is water cooled and therefore dust free and the resulting slurry can then be collected if required. Hydraulic or electric power sources mean that this process can be carried out internally or externally.

Surface Preperation

Surface preparation is used to reduce levels or ready a surface (usually concrete) for the application of a topping or self levelling compound, carried out in various manners we can provide small handheld machines right through to heavy duty operator driven machines. This process is also virtually dust free with large industrial vacuums removing the dust direct from the source.

Hydraulic Bursting

A controlled demolition process where holes are drilled into the material to be removed and a hydraulic bursting head is placed into them holes, the bursting head has hydraulic rams with are forced in to the material forcing it to burst, used on reinforced or mass concrete these are very powerful pieces of equipment and produce great results.

Hydraulic Crunching

A controlled demolition process for breaking areas of reinforced or mass concrete, generally walls or upstands up to 300mm thick, the jaws of the cruncher are placed over the material and a hydraulic ram is forced into the side of the material causing it to break or be crunched.

Robotic Demolition

A controlled demolition process that is used to demolish structures and can accommodate various attachments in order to help it do so. This machine is remotely controlled therefore allowing the operator to stand well clear of the structure being demolished providing a safe manner in which to do so, usually electric or battery powered so can be used internally or externally.

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